Gas Safe Engeneers in Maidenhead

HomeWhy choose a Gas Safe Engineer in Maidenhead?

Many people use gas to fuel their central heating and hot water boiler. Some use it for cooking, fires and other appliances.  Gas is a cost-effective fuel, and gas appliances rarely malfunction. However, if you have a problem with any of your gas appliances you must seek the assistance of a Gas Safe professional.

Why use a Gas Safe engineer in Maidenhead?

Gas Safe engineers complete a rigorous training so they can find and solve any gas problems. While gas is an excellent fuel, it requires expert installation and regular maintenance. Recent figures reveal that one in six gas appliances in the UK is thought to be unsafe. Gas leaks can cause explosions and a slow leak could cause carbon monoxide poisoning. If you smell gas, have headaches, nausea or breathlessness, call Parsons Plumbing at once. We will send round one of our Gas Safe engineers in Milton Keynes to sort out the problem immediately.

How to recognise a Gas Safe engineer.

All qualified Gas Safe engineers carry a photo identity card identifying them as such. Always ask to see the card before allowing any engineer into your home to revise or fix your gas appliances. You can recognise the card by the yellow triangle with the words Gas Safe in it. The engineer who carries this card is on the Gas Safe Register and meets all of the requirements and training to work safely on your gas appliances. All of Parsons Plumbing Gas Safe engineers in Maidenhead, are on the Gas Safe register and carry this identification card.

Don’t take chances with your gas appliances

Regular revisions of your gas appliances can ensure your safety and give you peace of mind. We recommend that you check and service your appliances every year. Also get your gas pipework checked at the same time. Let our Gas Safe engineers in Maidenhead check out all your gas appliances regularly to keep your family safe and your home secure.

Need an emergency Gas Safe engineer in Maidenhead?

If you suspect a gas leak or a gas appliance is not functioning correctly call our emergency number immediately. A qualified Gas Safe engineer from Parsons Plumbing will immediately come to sort out your problem.

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