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Unfortunately, boilers can often be forgotten; until we suddenly have no heating or hot water, then we find it hard to function normally. Our friendly engineers at Parsons Plumbing can get you up and running in no time. Usually it will be a fault, or a part that needs replacing and we can get you going again; but on rare occasions we may suggest that it is more cost effective for you to replace than repair. Either way, we will give you a quote for the works and then it will be up to you to make a decision on your preferred route. We will be on hand to advise, guide you through and help if we can.

We offer two types of boiler servicing: a service inspection and a full service.
A service inspection entails ensuring the appliance is operating safely and efficiently and will generally take less than an hour. This is suitable for a regularly serviced modern boiler. This is not suitable for some older boilers.
A full service entails the dismantling and cleaning of all internal elements of the boiler. This can sometimes result in parts replacing (such as seals) and generally takes one to two hours.

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